Dev Log 2023 – Spring #2


The test about the conversion of experience into energy is starting, but in the meantime our laboratory is ready for big news.

In fact, the time has come to find out the background to the potion shop and what happened to the alchemist uncle. So expect a new character and puzzles to solve through clues to collect.

The new personal page for community members is coming. It will be possible to check the status of your subscription, the last session in the individual games and all the benefits available.

From this page it will also be possible to access, depending on your level subscribed to Ko-Fi, polls on the priority of upcoming features.

With the new version finally live, now two different evolutions open up.

The first, the most requested by users, concerns suggesting Pixel di Natura articles in the species files. It will be possible to discover tips and tricks on how to photograph animals in their natural environment.

The second one instead is to integrate notifications to be informed of new observations of species and favorite places.

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