I’m Claudia, Engineer of the Politecnico di Milan, and I welcome you to Gaudio et Ingenio, the platform that brings together all the applications for Android that I have created and published.

Each project and game you will find is focused on a different topic, with specific graphics and features to offer you the best experience.

The first application published is BirdScout, born in 2013 and dedicated to Italian birdwatchers. Updated in real time, it will allow you to find the best locations for bird watching throughout Italy.

Remaining in the naturalistic field, you can take advantage of Pixel di Natura to find the best tutorials on how to photograph nature and to join the group of enthusiasts for meetings and workshops.

In 2022, I have published my first game, Filtri di Magia, centered on a fantasy world where you can play as an alchemist’s apprentice.