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Did you know that Gaudio et Ingenio provides you with a dashboard to verify your level within the Ko-Fi community? You will always have an overview of the games available, those you have already tried

Dev Log 2023 – Spring #2

The test about the conversion of experience into energy is starting, but in the meantime our laboratory is ready for big news. In fact, the time has come to find out the background to the

Dev Log 2023 – Spring #1

It’s time to take advantage of the experience gained in Filtri di Magia. Transforming it into energy to create new potions is the first step in continuing to play without stopping. BirdScout‘s interface is improving,

Dev Log 2023 – Winter #2

Filtri di Magia is in the final stages of beta testing. If you want to have preview access to new releases, become a supporter on Ko-Fi! BirdScout is going through a busy update period. The