The Phaser revolution is coming to our games


Filtri di Magia and all future games are based on the Phaser framework, an engine that allows the creation of HTML5 games.

Many updates have been released in recent months, that optimize fluidity and performance on mobile devices. You can then go back to playing without slowdowns!

In the release notes, full of many upgrades, there are also some ideas for optimizing particular characteristics.

For example, the scenic effects of Filtri di Magia, used when accumulating energy or collecting an ingredient, will have simpler and faster handling, as well as smoother animation. We can finally say goodbye to the appearance of elements either too fast or too slow!

Among the particularly useful new features, there is the possibility of inserting a scrolling list. Could it be convenient to have an inventory that scrolls, rather than divided into pages?
If you’re part of the community on Ko-Fi, let me know what you think!

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see these new features in action with the preview release of Filtri di Magia.

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